Rams Finish as Runner-Up in Coast Conference Championships

Rams Finish as Runner-Up in Coast Conference Championships

Our Lady Rams Women’s Swim Team has come to the end of their 2019 season and are proud to announce that they finished second, out of nine teams, in the Coast Conference, ahead of historically strong local Junior College swimming programs such as College of San Mateo, DeAnza, and Foothil Colleges.  This is the second year in a row that they came out as conference Runner-Up, and the 6th time in the 10 years of recent CCSF swim history, that they have been runner-up. 

 The conference championship meet was held at Chabot College.  It took place over a span of three days (April 18-20th), with each day providing different events in which the athletes could compete.  In the morning of each day, swimmers completed their preliminary trial swims to place the top 16 swimmers in each event, which led to the finals in the afternoon.   Only the top 16 have the opportunity to score points for their teams.  While we did not have any individual swimmers place first or second in events this year, our strength came from the amount of swimmers that we had within the top 16 of each event.  CCSF came in strong with an average of four swimmers per event – and with nine schools competing for those slots, that was a good average to have.

Assistant Coach Natalie Taylor mentioned that “all season we had been telling the swimmers that they have the potential to place in the top three at conference, but that it would take a team effort to get us there. And that is exactly what happened – everyone stepped up, dropped time, and contributed to the outcome in some way.”

 This weekend was a test to the swimmers, not only physically but mentally as well.  Three days of competition back to back can be trying, however each and every one of our swimmers walked away with at least one personal best time in their events, and that is something to be celebrated. 

Final scores among the women’s teams are as follows:

  1. Las Positas College                            672
  2. City College of San Francisco              474
  3. West Valley College                           456     
  4. De Anza College                                396
  5. Chabot College                                  305
  6. Ohlone College                                  290
  7. Foothill College                                  279
  8. College of San Mateo                          204
  9. Cabrillo College                                  75


Highlights from the weekend include:

 Day 1 -

200yd Freestyle-  Relay Julia Lane, Maia Haley, Seraphima Kassianik, Bianca Taylor– 5th place
500 Yard Freestyle: Seraphima Kassianik 8th place, Katy Granell 13th place
200 Yard Individual Medley: Katherine Groffman 7th, Winnie Kong 8th, Emma Ayala 9th
50 Yard Freestle: Maia Haley 12th, Margaux Ocampo 13th
400 Yard Medley Relay - Margaux Ocampo, Julia Lane, Bianca Taylor, Seraphima Kassianik - 6th

Day 2 –

200 Yard Medley Relay – Margaux Ocampo, Julia Lane, Bianca Taylor, Maia Haley -  3rd
400 Yard Individual Medley: Bianca Taylor- 4th, Katherine Groffman 5th, Melanie Beavan-Szabo 6th, Madison Hatfield 8th,  Winnie Kong 10th
100 Yard Butterfly: Aryana Senel 7th
200 Yard Freestyle: Seraphima Kassianik 8th, Maia Haley 11th
100 Yard Breaststroke: Julia Lane 3rd, Yajaira Ortega 12th
100 Yard Backstroke: Margaux Ocampo 6th, Aryana Senel 9th, Madison Hatfield 14th
800 Yard Freestyle Relay – Seraphima Kassianik, Katherine Groffman, Aryana Senel, Maia Haley – 5th

 Day 3 –

1650 Yard Freestyle: Seraphima Kassianik 6th, Katy Granell 7th, Melanie Beavan-Szabo 11th, Julia Kotzian 14th, Elisabeth Snider 17th
200 Yard Backstroke: Margaux Ocampo: 8th, Katherine Groffman 9th, Madison Hatfield 12th
100 Yard Freestyle: Julia Lane 7th, Maia Haley 10th
200 Yard Breaststroke: Bianca Taylor 4th, Julia Lane 5th, Katy Granell 15th
200 Yard Butterfly: Melanie Beavan-Szabo 6th, Aryana Senel 7th
400 Yard Freestyle Relay – Julia Lane, Maia Haley, Seraphima Kassianik, Bianca Taylor   


Congratulations on an excellent season!